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If your client would like to pay their insurance by instalments, the direct debit form needs to be completed with the proposal and deposit (if applicable).

Download Links > Direct Debit Form

Motor Vehicle Proposal Form

Please complete all areas of the proposal form and give specific details if answering yes to any of the declaration questions. This will enable Go Cover Car Insurance to provide an accurate quotation and cover.

If the proposal form is not completed fully it will be returned for completion.

If there are any questions that do not relate to your client then please answer by writing N/A in the space provided.

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Motor Vehicle Policy Wording

The Policy Wording is an important document and gives precise details of the terms and conditions relating to the insurance.

Download Links > Go Cover Car Insurance Policy Wording

Motor Vehicle Claim Form

Please complete the claim form and post it to us along with any other relevant information relating to the processing of this claim.

Send to:
Go Cover Car Insurance 
P.O. Box 12129 Penrose
Auckland 1642

Fax: 09 571 0711

Download Links > Motor Vehicle Claim Advice Form  |  Stolen or Burnt Vehicle Claim Form  |  Uninsured Third Party Claim Form

NZ Roadside Assistance Policy Wordings

Download Links > NZ Roadside Assistance Policy Wordings